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Close to airport Zaventem

Max. 15 minutes drive with shuttlebus from Brussels airport parking

Are you looking for a parking space near Brussels Airport? It's very easy with Quick Parking! Our car parks are a maximum of 10 minutes drive from the airport (about 6 kilometers away). When you have parked your car, take the free shuttle bus to the airport. Look on the map where our parking spaces are located for parking Brussels Airport, so you can immediately see the distance from your home or workplace to Brussels Airport.

1 day € 35,00 01.07.2021. - 15.09.2021.
2 days € 36,00 01.07.2021. - 15.09.2021.
4 days (1 weekend) € 40,50 01.07.2021. - 15.09.2021.
8 days (1 week) € 69,50 01.07.2021. - 15.09.2021.
15 days (2 weeks) € 127,00 01.07.2021. - 15.09.2021.

Airport parking Brussels

Lowest pricing Basic parking for Brussels Airport

View the current prices for parking at Brussels Airport in the table. The earlier you book, the cheaper it often is! Do you want to know the price of your travel dates? Look for yourself!

Free shuttlebus to Brussels Airport

Free shuttlebus to Brussels Airport

Extra service

At Quick Parking you drive a free shuttle bus to Brussels Airport! After you have parked your car with us, the shuttle bus will arrive. The bus will drive you to the airport and when you return from your holiday or business trip you will also be picked up again. Parking Zaventem airport made easy.

The advantages of shuttle parking Brussels

The advantages of shuttle parking Brussels

Choose comfort

  • Free shuttle bus
  • Car is safely parked
  • Do not deliver car keys
  • Easy and fast at Brussels Airport

Valet Parking

Valet Parking

No fuss

We also offer Valet parking at Brussels - Zaventem airport. That means, handing over your car to us and walking to the departure hall without any hassle. Our driver checks the car with you and puts it away. When you return from your business trip or vacation, give us a call, we will make sure that we are ready when you walk out of the airport!

Advantages of Valet parking Brussels

Advantages of Valet parking Brussels

Easy does it

  • You are directly at the departure hall
  • Safe parking space for your car
  • We wait for you with your car when you return

Free change or cancellation

Free change or cancellation

In control

You can change or cancel your booking for free with us, if you have selected this option. This way you have control over your booking up to twenty minutes in advance! You can choose this option in the booking flow. Our basic product does not offer this for Zaventem airport parking, it is non-refundable.

Travel advice for Brussels Airport

Travel advice for Brussels Airport

Be there on time

Brussels Airport, also known as Zaventem Airport, is Belgium's national airport and located about 12 kilometers from the capital. It is a large airport, divided into Pier A and Pier B. There are many facilities in both parts, so you never get bored! Brussels Airport's most popular destinations have to be Barcelona, ​​Madrid, London, New York, Tel Aviv and Washington DC. Popular airlines that depart from Brussels include Brussels Airlines, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, KLM and Easyjet. For European flights we recommend to be in the car park 2 1/2 hours in advance. For international flights we recommend 3 1/2 hours in advance. That way you have enough time and you don't have to stress.

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