Advantages of Quick Parking

Near the airport
Near the airport

Park your car close to the airport and save money. Enjoy a short ride to the airport in our free & 24/7 available shuttle buses.

Choose your service

Free cancellation, covered parking or need a helping hand with your luggage? Choose the parking service that fits you.

Enjoy affordable rates

Why pay more at the airport? Enjoy our affordable rates no matter if you park long or short.

Your car = Safe & Secure

Find out why more than 350.000 customers a year across Europe trust their car to us in our secured parkings.

What is Quick Parking?


Parking Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

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Did you know that our parking area is as close to the airport as P3 Schiphol? Park your car quickly, step into our comfortable free shuttle bus and get to the airport within 15 minutes. You can park your car using your own personal barcode, which you got from us while making the online parking reservation. This way you never have to wait and you can drive in and out whenever you want. Just a little advice: save this barcode at your mobile phone, because you’ll also need it when you leave our parking area on the day of your return. Your car should be at a safe place while you’re away. We understand that. Our parking areas are well lit and secured. Besides that, we offer the possibility of covered parking at Schiphol to shield your car from sun and rain. For this service, you pay a small extra amount of money. They are always happy to help you. It’s the day of your return. Waht if you flight is a little delayed? No worries! At Quick Parking we don’t charge any extra parking costs up to 3 hours extra travel time. After all, that delay is bad enough already! Are you back at the airport? Then one of our shuttle buses takes you back to our parking area and you’re ready to go home! You leave the parking area by using your personal barcode again. In case you haven’t paid yet, you can do this before leaving by using your credit or debit card.

Shuttle Parking at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

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Parking close to Schiphol Airport with Quick Parking

Distance to Schiphol Airport

Max. 15 minutes

Quick Parking has several parking spaces around Schiphol Airport, on average about 6 kilometers away. At which parking lot we book your reservation has to do with the service you choose. Most parking spaces are about 10-15 minutes away from Schiphol Airport. There's long-term parking as well as short-term parking at Schiphol Airport. See on the map where our parking spaces are located, you can also check out the distance to Schiphol Airport from your home or workplace.

4 days (1 weekend) € 40,50 01.07.2021. - 15.09.2021.
8 days (1 week) € 69,50 01.07.2021. - 15.09.2021.
15 days (2 weeks) € 127,00 01.07.2021. - 15.09.2021.

Affordable rates

Lowest price basic parking for Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Quick Parking offers affordable parking spaces at Schiphol Airport. This way you don't have to spend a lot of money before your holiday starts! See the current prices for parking if you would book a basic product on the given travel dates.

Free shuttle bus

Free shuttle bus

For all parkings close to Schiphol Airport

You read that right. We offer a free shuttle service for everyone who parks with us! This way you are provided with a comfortable journey from the parking lot to Amsterdam airport. And vice versa, because we also pick you up from the airport to take you to the parking lot. The advantages of shuttle parking:

  • Your car is parked safely
  • You will be at the airport in no time
  • The free shuttle bus takes you away and picks you up again

Valet parking

Valet parking

No fuss! We take care of your car

Valet parking means convenience at Quick Parking. You hand in your car to our driver and he or she parks the car for you. You'll be free of worries and walk straight to the departure hall. After booking you will receive a voucher, with clear directions on it. So you know exactly where to go. This guides you to the waiting area of ​​our driver. The advantages of Valet parking:

  • Deliver your car to our driver quick and easy!
  • Your car will be ready when you return
  • You save a lot of time

Advantages of parking near Schiphol Airport

Advantages of parking near Schiphol Airport

Choice made easily

  • Choose from different services (covered parking, assistance with luggage)
  • Both shuttle parking and Valet parking
  • Do not hand over keys with Shuttle service
  • You are quickly at Schiphol Airport

Free annulation or cancellation

Free annulation or cancellation

The choice is yours

It is almost as easy as that. You can cancel or change for free if you have chosen this option. Up to 20 minutes in advance! This means you'll have control over your booking. With our basic product you cannot cancel or change for free.

Easy booking process

Easy booking process

Are you ready to book?

Booking is really easy. And we don't just say that. The booking process is very simple, you can book a parking space in just a few steps. You decide how you want to pay in the last step. With credit card, Paypal or do you want to pay at the parking lot? For some locations this is also an option! After your booking you'll receive a voucher to enter the parking lot. To enter the parking lot you only have to scan the personal barcode which is stated on the voucher.

Travel time advice Schiphol Airport

Travel time advice Schiphol Airport

Be there on time

We advise you to be on time for your flight. Sometimes it can take a long time at customs and it is sometimes a bit further to the gate than you expect. If you have a European flight, we recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours in advance. For intercontinental flights, this is 3 hours in advance. What time do you have to be in the parking lot? Half an hour before the given advice time. This way you don't have to stress and you can be sure that you are on time. And chances are that you have the time to drink a cup of coffee. Not unimportant.

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