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Near the airport
Near the airport

Park your car close to the airport and save money. Enjoy a short ride to the airport in our free & 24/7 available shuttle buses.

Choose your service

Free cancellation, covered parking or need a helping hand with your luggage? Choose the parking service that fits you.

Enjoy affordable rates

Why pay more at the airport? Enjoy our affordable rates no matter if you park long or short.

Your car = Safe & Secure

Find out why more than 350.000 customers a year across Europe trust their car to us in our secured parkings.

What is Quick Parking?


Parking on Brussels South Charleroi Airport

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Looking for an affordable parking spot near Charleroi Airport? Quick Parking offers you a well lit and secured parking area for your car, which is close to the airport. Complete your online reservation, print your personal barcode and you’re ready to go! On the day of your departure, you can easily access our parking area by using your own barcode. Did you find a good parking spot for your car? Then one of our free shuttle buses will take you to the airport. Just a little advice: don’t lose your personal barcode, because you’ll also need it when you leave the parking area on the day of your return. During your absence you want your car to be parked safely. Every trip comes to an end and so does yours! Are you ready to pick up your car and go home again? Then get back in one of our shuttle buses at Charleroi Airport. These will take you to our parking area quickly, where you can leave the area by using your personal bar code again. In case you haven’t paid yet, you can do this before leaving by using your credit or debit card. Drive home safely! Important to know is that in case of a delay up to 3 hours, Quick Parking never charges extra parking costs. After all, waiting at the airport for a few hours is bad enough already.

Shuttle Parking at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

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Charleroi Airport is a small low-cost airport in the south of Belgium and is situated about 1 hour away from Brussels. All of the destinations you can fly to from this airport are within Europe. Airlines that depart from Charleroi Airport include Ryanair, TUI Fly and Wizz Air. Since 2017, the airport has a second terminal to facilitate growth in the future.

About Brussels South Charleroi Airport

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Airport parking Charleroi Airport

Distance to Charleroi Airport

Maximum 10 minutes drive

If you have parked your car in our parking lot near Charleroi Airport, our shuttle bus will take you to the airport. This journey takes a maximum of 10 minutes (distance is 3 kilometers). You can see the distance to Charleroi Airport. It's also easy to see how long you have to drive from your home or workplace.

1 day € 40,00 01.07.2021. - 15.09.2021.
2 days € 43,00 01.07.2021. - 15.09.2021.
4 days (1 weekend) € 48,00 01.07.2021. - 15.09.2021.
8 days (1 week) € 58,00 01.07.2021. - 15.09.2021.
15 days (2 weeks) € 84,00 01.07.2021. - 15.09.2021.

Affordable rates

Lowest pricing for basic parking Charleroi Airport

Nobody wants to pay too much. Certainly not when it comes to a parking space! The earlier you book, the better the prices often are. So it's wise to book well in advance.

Free shuttlebus

Free shuttlebus

Extra service

You can use the free shuttle bus that runs regularly between the car park and Charleroi Airport. After you park your car, you only have to wait a moment for the shuttle bus to arrive. Of course you can also use the bus when you return from your holiday or business trip! The bus will pick you up at the same point where you got off at the airport.

Advantages of shuttle parking

Advantages of shuttle parking

Choose comfort

  • Free shuttle bus
  • Car is safely parked
  • Easy and fast at Charleroi Airport

Personal barcode for arrival and departure

Personal barcode for arrival and departure

Safe parking

If you have made your booking for parking at Charleroi Airport, you will receive a voucher per email with a personal barcode on it. You can use this barcode to enter and leave the parking lot. You simply scan the barcode at the machine for the barriers. You can also display the barcode on your mobile phone. Nice and easy!

Free change or cancellation

Free change or cancellation


At Quick Parking it is possible to choose a product where you can cancel or change your booking up to 20 minutes in advance. For free! This makes you flexible until almost the last minute. You will see in the booking flow in the product whether it is possible for you to change or cancel for free. With our basic product it is not possible to change or cancel for free.

Pay now or later

Pay now or later

Up to you

There are a number of payment options. This allows you to choose how you want to pay for your reservation. You can choose to pay only at the parking lot or, for example, with iDEAL or your credit card. It depends on which product you choose. The choice is yours.

Travel advice for Charleroi Airport

Travel advice for Charleroi Airport

Be there on time

Charleroi Airport is a small low-cost airport in the south of Belgium and is about 1 hour drive from Brussels. From this airport you mainly fly to destinations within Europe. Airlines that depart from Charleroi Airport are, for example, Ryanair, TUI Fly and Wizz Air. Since 2017, the airport has a second terminal to fly an even greater number of passengers to their holiday destination. If you are flying within Europe, we recommend that you arrive at the parking lot 2 1/2 hours in advance. For international flights, we recommend arriving 3 1/2 hours in advance. This way you have enough time and you don't have to stress!

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